In Love With…

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In love with…. that gold and coral combo! I also found my love for the Target $1 section. They have the cutest stationary supplies and little knick knacks!

In love with… Home Oh My‘s new take on the file folders! I always feel #DIY inspired when I read her blog.

In love with… the Best Dressed lady in the fashion world. If you love clothes and pretty things then her Instagram is a must follow!

In love with… Cryskay’s instagram! I am so jealous of her #icecreamtrippin. It’s on my bucket list to just travel across the nation and make pit stops at different ice cream parlors!

In love with… the traveling diaries of A Pair & A Spare! I’m living my travel days through her blog until the day I get to go forth and adventure!

Hope everyone has a kick ass weekend!

Getaway for a Day

Beach please! I escaped the city and headed to the beachside for a relaxing day trip. There’s something about the beach at sunset that puts me in a peaceful trance. I bet I could’ve stayed on the beach all night if my stomach didn’t start rumbling for food!

A big thanks to my talented photographer friend, Jennifer, for capturing the day perfectly! Check out her photos at J.Nguyen Photography and like her page!


IMG_0118 IMG_0128


Photo cred: J.Nguyen Photography

Forever 21 top

Stash Style shorts

Target Style sandals

Daniel Wellington watch (see previous post)

Daniel Wellington

I’m sure you’ve seen this watch all over social media and it’s definitely deserves all the limelight! Daniel Wellington was kind enough to gift me their Classic Sheffield and I’m in love. The thin, sleek look of this watch matches with all of my outfits and the clean face makes it easy to read. I naturally got the men’s watch (40mm) to the women’s (36mm) because I like a larger face and I am so happy with my decision!

It’s also your lucky day because Daniel Wellington gave me a discount code for my readers for 15% OFF your own watch! Just enter “rootandroseblog” at checkout! Happy shopping!


There are other classic designs you can choose from and an array of colorful straps! Take your pick and don’t forget to enter “rootandroseblog” at checkout for 15% off your purchase! Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 11.54.41 AM

Halloween Pinup


Kat’s favorite holiday is coming up and that means she is drawing creepy zombies and scary mutated people. Buuuuut I decided to go the less scary route and post one of her more PG creations today. This is her modern/fashionable take on the witch. If anyone is looking to dress us as a witch for Halloween, here is an outfit idea!

buggy_final large

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Gone to the Countryside


For about a week and half I traveled out to Roundtop, TX to attend Zapp Hall for work and a little bit for pleasure. For those who don’t know, Zapp Hall is an antique show that’s pops up twice a year. Despite the hot weather for majority of the time out there, I felt inspired by all the things I saw. If you ever venture to Texas during the antique show times, I highly recommend stopping by. Pick up some unique goodies for your home!

Here are snippets from my trip (all taken with my handy dandy iphone5)



I met my ALL-TIME favorite DIY blogger! Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth! I was fan-girling hard and trying not to seem too nervous to ask for a picture. She was out there doing a DIY Butterfly Crown (I’m wearing one)!IMG_5082.JPG




Have you ever realized that the birds you drew when you were kids (those “m” looking birds) looked like mustaches? Kat made that realization into this cute illustration!


On another related note to this picture! If you are in the Houston area and are looking for some scuba diving lessons check out Frogmen Scuba: be sure to mention Root & Rose when you sign up!

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frogmen scuba2


The Best is yet to Come

Best1This shirt says it all…..I believe that all our best has yet to come and that we’re still destined for happier things! If you’re having troubles in your life, just remember to not sweat the small stuff and know that your best days are right around the corner! (Or you can take the fast way and do some retail therapy because that always instantly cheers me up)






Dogue….she’s so posh and hip with her chambray top. An outfit is never complete without Sam photobombing and taking over!

American Eagle top

American Eagle boy fit jeans (similar  here and here)

Dolce Vita booties

Passed down Dooney & Bourke purse from my ma

Look at that Butt

butt pic V2

Whaaaaaaaaaat! I mean……….come on……THIS PICTURE IS THE CUTEST! She knows she has a donk and she’s just bragging now! If this pictures doesn’t make your Monday 100x better, than nothing ever will! In other news…upcoming posts: crate DIY and more outfits. Keep an eye out and follow us to keep updated on new and exciting things!

Tech OOTD // Towels are Important

hitchikers computer


If you can’t tell by reading our blog that we are really random….so here is a fun quirky post for ya! Can anyone guess where this quote is from? I’ll give you a hug if you do! Kat created this cute retro wallpaper to deck out your tech! Click on the thumbnail of the picture below, view the full size, and set it as your background!