Back to Cool

Back to cool

I’m not in school anymore, but my favorite part of going to school was back-to-school shopping! Here are a few items I wish I thought of when I was still in school (all things I would still buy today).

1. Back Me Up // I know my iPhone dies really fast and when I was in class I would have killed for an external battery charger. Say goodbye to hunting down outlets!

2. Book Toter // Well how cute are Hershel Supply Co. backpacks? Even if you’re wearing sweats and your boyfriend’s tshirt, you will be chic toting around this backpack!

3. Well Rested // I believe the key to having a good school day is waking up on a good note. If this typography pillow case won’t set your day off right then I don’t know what else will…

4. French Case // Your cool new pens need a cool Parisian place to call home.

5. But First, Coffee // I don’t know about you, but I need coffee in order to stay awake during class. Am I an addict? Maybe…..but this gold tumbler definitely makes me want to drink more caffeine!

Color Me Forest Green


It’s Monday already….the weekend always feels too short. Here is an #OOTD of mine from the weekend. This is always the outfit I gravitate towards when I don’t want to put much thought into an outfit, but I still want to look put together. Can’t go wrong with some boy fit denim shorts and a slouchy top. Stylin’ while stayin’ comfy! As we like to say it in the south….have a great week y’all!





J Crew Top

American Eagle shorts

Target Sandals

Rebecca Minkoff Mini M.A.B Tote

Home-spiration // Gallery Wall

Whenever I have a creative brain fart, I know I can always turn to my Pinterest. Currently, I am looking for decor for my two very white, blank walls and I always found that a gallery of frames was somewhat beautifully messy. Here are some pictures I found that sparks my interest, and I hope it inspires you!


Classic black and white gallery with a pop of color for surprise and intrigue- A Beautiful Mess 


This layout is just classy and not too sassy. Right up my alley!


Well you know anything with gold is something I can’t say no to. I’m in love with how gold just instantly dresses up simple art and typography- Sequins & Stripes


Here’s another option: wooden frames. Gives the space a more natural feel.


Accessories are to outfits as what framed art is to a big wall-  Dwell

Every wall needs love! So show your walls some love, slap some frames on it….but of course, do it strategically. Also TGIF y’all!

Tech OOTD // Puncha Yo Buns

puncha yo buns computer

I swear Kat and I are 7 year old kids at heart and we can both agree that Adventure Time is one of the greatest shows we’ve ever watched. If you haven’t seen it, then you should at least give it a try, watch one episode and let us know what you think. Expect a lot of randomosity! After watching it you’ll understand the “Puncha Yo Buns” reference. Kat created this simple background for all our fellow Adventure Time lovers!

puncha yo buns wallpaper


  1. Click on the picture above
  2. Save to your files or just right click and set as background
  3. And smile because you now have Finn as your wallpaper :)

DIY // Gold Patterned Coasters

Gold Coasters1

Hey Monday DIY // I was in need of coasters for my desk because of my excessive coffee drinking, so instead of searching for my ideal coasters…I just DIY-ed them. It’s pretty easy to do and here are the tools you’ll need:

  • Cork board (I got a four pack from Target)
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Masking tape
  • Circular item to trace (I used a Bath and Body Works large candle cap)
  • Spray paint

Gold Coasters3

5 Easy Steps:

  1. Trace circles on the cork board
  2. Cut them out
  3. Tape the pattern you want
  4. Spray away
  5. Wait an hour and it’s ready to use!

Gold Coasters2

Hope you have an awesome week! Don’t let Monday bring you down!

Hey Frankie


{Frankie} by Kat

Friday Fashion sketch for ya! TGIFFFF :) Hope everyone has a great weekend! Look out for some more posts from us on Monday. I’m going to be setting goals for myself and getting off my lazy ass. I always find that if I set a deadline for myself I won’t be as nonchalant about it. Every Monday I will be bringing you a new DIY! Look out world, Chrisslee is on a roll!

Light Up the Night


Happy Mondaze! First of all, I would like to thank my friend, sister and artist, Jennifer Nguyen, on taking the time to help me shoot these awesome photos! Her photography is super dope and I want everyone to go check out her photography page and LIKE it! She always puts 110% into her work and it really shows! You can find her at J Nguyen Photography || Instagram

Sometimes you gotta let loose and dance….DANCE A LOT. I love dancing at a rave concert, getting lost in the music and forgetting about reality for those short 3 hours. And now I can dance in style thanks to Electric Tonight and their LED Flower Crown! Check out their amazing product and enter CHRISSLEE at the checkout to receive 20% off  your purchase! You can find them at || Instagram || Facebook





Electric Tonight flower crown

H&M Top

PacSun plaid top

Forever21 shorts

Steve Madden booties

I have created a small playlist of some of my recent favorite songs. They’ll make you want to dance and jump around…trust me!