Cozy Daze

Cozy Daze V2

With colder days ahead (because winter has not hit Houston yet), I am preparing for the hibernation. I’ve started stocking up on pajama pants, hot cocoa, a ton of holiday movies and some good books!

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No one needs a tutorial on how to be cozy because that’s second nature to everyone. But what we do need help with sometimes is deciding on what tools we will need in order to achieve maximum coziness! So here are some of my cozy essentials for frigid winter days.

Cozy Daze

PARACHUTE candle // Aerie Pajama Pant // Anthropologie Beanie // Target Sweater Knit Slippers // Zara Scarf // Yes Please by Amy Poehler // PARACHUTE Cashmere Throw // Anthropologie Mugs

The most crucial part to my cozy day is having a fuzzy dog next to me while I relax (Sam also doubles as my foot warmer). If Sam refuses to let me warm my feet under her then I will most likely have warm lounging socks on because my extremities always freeze over first. If you find me sitting on the couch, you can bet I’m in my PJs like these ones from Aerie, bundled up with a soft throw. Depending on my mood you can find me enjoying Netflix or reading a feel good book. You can always bet I’ll have a cute mug filled with either coffee, tea or hot chocolate. When I wind down at night, I like to lay in my bed surrounded by a cloud of comforters (like the Parachute bedding) to keep me toasty while I catch up on my favorite Youtubers. And lastly, my cozy day is not complete without candles lit everywhere. Recently, I’ve been loving the scent of Christmas tree pine or a natural fireside scent. It makes the winter season come alive in my place!

Hope you’re having a happy festive holiday week so far!



Tis the Season to Give


I know this is pretty last minute, but I know there are some procrastinators out there just like me! So from one procrastinator to another, here is what I’ve stumbled upon on my quest for quirky gifts for my friends and family! Did I forget to mention that these gifts are all under $60! Gifting on a budget just became less stressful. You’re welcome!


Voluspa Cut Glass Jar Candle // Framed Art Print // Donuts & Coffee Milk Chocolate Bar (more awesome flavors here) // 2015 Quotable Calendar // Gilded Portable Charger // Vans Slip-ons // Baggu Backpack //

 Happy Christmas shopping,


Back to Cool

Back to cool

I’m not in school anymore, but my favorite part of going to school was back-to-school shopping! Here are a few items I wish I thought of when I was still in school (all things I would still buy today).

1. Back Me Up // I know my iPhone dies really fast and when I was in class I would have killed for an external battery charger. Say goodbye to hunting down outlets!

2. Book Toter // Well how cute are Hershel Supply Co. backpacks? Even if you’re wearing sweats and your boyfriend’s tshirt, you will be chic toting around this backpack!

3. Well Rested // I believe the key to having a good school day is waking up on a good note. If this typography pillow case won’t set your day off right then I don’t know what else will…

4. French Case // Your cool new pens need a cool Parisian place to call home.

5. But First, Coffee // I don’t know about you, but I need coffee in order to stay awake during class. Am I an addict? Maybe…..but this gold tumbler definitely makes me want to drink more caffeine!