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Cozy Daze

Cozy Daze V2

With colder days ahead (because winter has not hit Houston yet), I am preparing for the hibernation. I’ve started stocking up on pajama pants, hot cocoa, a ton of holiday movies and some good books!

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No one needs a tutorial on how to be cozy because that’s second nature to everyone. But what we do need help with sometimes is deciding on what tools we will need in order to achieve maximum coziness! So here are some of my cozy essentials for frigid winter days.

Cozy Daze

PARACHUTE candle // Aerie Pajama Pant // Anthropologie Beanie // Target Sweater Knit Slippers // Zara Scarf // Yes Please by Amy Poehler // PARACHUTE Cashmere Throw // Anthropologie Mugs

The most crucial part to my cozy day is having a fuzzy dog next to me while I relax (Sam also doubles as my foot warmer). If Sam refuses to let me warm my feet under her then I will most likely have warm lounging socks on because my extremities always freeze over first. If you find me sitting on the couch, you can bet I’m in my PJs like these ones from Aerie, bundled up with a soft throw. Depending on my mood you can find me enjoying Netflix or reading a feel good book. You can always bet I’ll have a cute mug filled with either coffee, tea or hot chocolate. When I wind down at night, I like to lay in my bed surrounded by a cloud of comforters (like the Parachute bedding) to keep me toasty while I catch up on my favorite Youtubers. And lastly, my cozy day is not complete without candles lit everywhere. Recently, I’ve been loving the scent of Christmas tree pine or a natural fireside scent. It makes the winter season come alive in my place!

Hope you’re having a happy festive holiday week so far!



The Best is yet to Come

Best1This shirt says it all…..I believe that all our best has yet to come and that we’re still destined for happier things! If you’re having troubles in your life, just remember to not sweat the small stuff and know that your best days are right around the corner! (Or you can take the fast way and do some retail therapy because that always instantly cheers me up)






Dogue….she’s so posh and hip with her chambray top. An outfit is never complete without Sam photobombing and taking over!

American Eagle top

American Eagle boy fit jeans (similar  here and here)

Dolce Vita booties

Passed down Dooney & Bourke purse from my ma

Color Me Forest Green


It’s Monday already….the weekend always feels too short. Here is an #OOTD of mine from the weekend. This is always the outfit I gravitate towards when I don’t want to put much thought into an outfit, but I still want to look put together. Can’t go wrong with some boy fit denim shorts and a slouchy top. Stylin’ while stayin’ comfy! As we like to say it in the south….have a great week y’all!





J Crew Top

American Eagle shorts

Target Sandals

Rebecca Minkoff Mini M.A.B Tote

The Red, White & Blues


Happy Early Birthday to my homie, America! I love this holiday and I can’t wait for the weekend to begin to start my July 4th adventures 🙂 Here is my take on the red, white and blue. Just stayin’ casual as always. Stay tuned to the blog to see pictures of my weekend! (lower your expectations because I’m not traveling very far)

Independence1 Independence5


There is no such thing as too many prints! You can barely see, but my shorts have small polka dots on them! So basically I’m wearing all prints.


American Eagle hat & shorts (kinda similar here and here)

Target top (similar here and here)

Borrowed from my sister plaid top

Dolce Vita booties (similar w/ fringe here)

Boyfriends Are Allowed

Boyfriend on Make A GifI always stayed away from the boyfriend fit. But as of today, I am happy to say that boyfriends are allowed now! Took my chance on a $30 pair of American Eagle cropped boy fit and I actually love them. Being as short as I am, the crop doesn’t apply. Boo hoo, but I make it werk! My biggest concern for this style was my height, but I find that adding any heels to the look instantly takes the jeans from looking just oversized to being lazy chic. *thumbs up*

American Eagle top & denim
Rebecca Minkoff Mini tote (white version here)
And another classic piece I’ve added to my summer wardrobe is a white button up. This quarter sleeve or half sleeve? is the perfect length for Texas summer heat! Staying half cool while in the heat and staying half warm when I’m in the freezing buildings. Hope everyone has a good week! Keep posted for an upcoming summer DIY!
❤ Chrisslee

Sunday Ease-ter

Happy Sunday Ease-ter everyone! Today is one of my few days off this week and I didn’t hesitate to just take this day to drink coffee, take Sam on a car ride and watch Revenge (my new guilty pleasure). I hope you’re having an easy and beautiful Easter day!




This Coach purse was a treasure that my mom had passed down to me. It’s the right neutral color that goes well with chambray!


American Eagle Chambray top

Forever 21 Tee

Urban Outfitters skirt

Dolce Vita booties

Mom’s Coach purse

Sister Styles // Spring Transition

We’re so sorry for the lack of posts 😦 We haven’t been able to dedicate more time to the blog because I’ve been working 7 days a week! Crazy right? But that’s just me making excuses, so enough excuses! It’s the beginning of a new month and I have new goals so I’m promising I will post every week! You guys have it in writing here so call me out on it if it doesn’t happen. Here is a quick outfit snap of me and Kat (she is camera shy).




On Chrisslee: American Eagle jeans

        Forever 21 top

        Uncle’s vest

        Steve Madden Boots

        Etsy and James Avery rings


On Kat: American Eagle jeans

      Pac Sun top


What to Wear // SXSW

Back with another What to Wear! As you all may know (or don’t know) South by Southwest started and I wish I could go. I have a list of bands that I really want to experience in concert, but unfortunately I have a busy schedule at work. So I put together something I would wear to SXSW if I could. And to all those who are going, I hope you have a fun and safe time!#SXSW