Arm the Animals


Nothing makes me happier than seeing people helping animals in need! Arm the Animals is doing just that. Their mission to help as many at risk animal as they can by creating dope t-shirts to raise awareness and to donate funds to struggling animal shelters. Check out their vast collection and help an animal today! Sam will give you a big slobbery kiss!


Caninefornia Republic tee here.




Sam approved.


Sam and I say thanks for reading! Get your own Arm the Animals tee here.



How We Wash Our Dog

I know everyone knows how to wash their dog. But this post is just an excuse for us to take pictures of Sam and share her cuteness. Sam is our family dog. She is a Golden Retriever full breed and she is the sweetest dog that I’ve ever met (I’m not being biased :p). She is truly the perfect family dog and the most loyal pup we’ve ever owned. Golden triver’s need exercise daily since they’re a breed known for its energy and playfulness. Brush your dog’s body several times a week to keep the tangles from forming. It keeps them comfortable and less inclined to itch. We give Sam a shower every two weeks. It’s recommended to give a dog a bath every month, but Sam loves showers especially in the summer because the water cools her down.

Step 1: Water down the dog

Sam shower 1

Step 2: Shampoo Time

Sam shower 3

Step 3: Rinse Down

Sam shower 2Step 4: Shake it Out

Sam shower 4Step 5: Pamper & Fluff

sam shower 6

sam shower 8

sam shower 5Step 6: Bake Til Golden

Sam shower 7And that’s it! Sam loves to lay out on the grass and “sun bathe”. She dries much faster that way and I’m pretty sure she enjoys it (what a girl). Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed editing the photos.