DIY // Marquee Sign with Christmas Lights


I’m all about recycling holiday decorations and when we started taking down our Christmas lights, I had a little light bulb of an idea! These LED string lights were a perfect size for a mini marquee sign! So here are my steps in creating this easy DIY sign and it only took me about an hour to create!


These LED string of lights were only $14.99 at Target!


Talk about an affordable DIY… the only thing I spent money on was this cardboard “&” sign that was only $2.99 at your local craft store!

Cut out

First you need to cut out the top cover of the sign! I used an exacto knife to get really close to the edges.


I painted the whole sign white to give it a clean look and to match my other house decor. I decided to go with Chalk paint because it dries fast with a matte finish and gives the cardboard a whole new (expensive-looking) makeover! I gave it two coats for a pure white look and waited 30 min between coats.


I marked where I wanted to light bulbs to be placed. And since these aren’t bulbs you can unscrew you have to make sure the holes are big enough to push them through!


My cuts were a little messy at first, but after some trial and error I found that cutting through the front side resulted in cleaner looking edges. Later on I used a drill and saw that the holes came out more precise with less cardboard residue. Both methods won’t be the prettiest, but it will do the trick! I suggest doing some practice rounds to see which method works best for you!


Lastly, all I did was push each bulb through the holes I created and you’re done!





And that’s how you can recycle your Christmas lights for decor all year round!

Thanks for reading!



DIY: Framed Chalkboard



I am in love with decorative frames! And I love how they make a plain old chalkboard surface into something so chic. After looking at blogger, Song of Style, and youtuber, Evelina Barry, do their own version I decided it was my turn. This DIY took more time waiting for it dry than to make it! It’s THAT easy!

Tools you will need:

Tools you will need

So let’s begin!glass

First remove the glass! You do not want to spray over the wooden frame! And some people might want to use a base coat, but I just went ahead and directly sprayed the chalk paint over the glass.


After you have sprayed one coat wait until that layer dries and go one more round. After you are done spraying you should let it dry for at least 12 hours.

one frame

Then take your chalk and write whatever you please! Easy right? This quote is not mine… it from TUMBLR! My tumblr is if you want to check it out!

Thanks for reading!