New Year, New Adventures

2014 is drawing to a close as new chapter begins! We wish everyone a Happy New Year! Venture out on more adventures in 2015, whether it’d be to a different country or discovering a new hobby! Me and Kat are ready to tackle more projects for R&R and we’re bringing Sam along! Thanks for sticking with us through 2014, let’s make 2015 a good one!dogwalking

{Dog Walkin’} by Kat


Chris & Kat


It’s Love at First Sight

dog pose_1300

Here’s a midweek cheer up! Halfway through another week and it’s a busy one! This cute illustration by Kat is a somewhat accurate depiction of how much my rabbit loves Sam’s tail. He loves to put his face in her tail and Sam hates it and hates him. You can buy this print on Kat’s Society6 page and it also can come in a cushion, tote, blanket, and soooo much more! Buy here!

Halloween Pinup


Kat’s favorite holiday is coming up and that means she is drawing creepy zombies and scary mutated people. Buuuuut I decided to go the less scary route and post one of her more PG creations today. This is her modern/fashionable take on the witch. If anyone is looking to dress us as a witch for Halloween, here is an outfit idea!

buggy_final large

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Have you ever realized that the birds you drew when you were kids (those “m” looking birds) looked like mustaches? Kat made that realization into this cute illustration!


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frogmen scuba2


Hey Frankie


{Frankie} by Kat

Friday Fashion sketch for ya! TGIFFFF 🙂 Hope everyone has a great weekend! Look out for some more posts from us on Monday. I’m going to be setting goals for myself and getting off my lazy ass. I always find that if I set a deadline for myself I won’t be as nonchalant about it. Every Monday I will be bringing you a new DIY! Look out world, Chrisslee is on a roll!

Happy Donut Day!

As some of you may or may not know today is National Donut Day. Yessssssssss! Free donut at Shipleys or Dunkin’ Donuts! Go and treat yoself 🙂 In the spirit of this national holiday, Kat whipped up this cute ass graphic!   Hope you have an awesome weekend!


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