Back to Cool

Back to cool

I’m not in school anymore, but my favorite part of going to school was back-to-school shopping! Here are a few items I wish I thought of when I was still in school (all things I would still buy today).

1. Back Me Up // I know my iPhone dies really fast and when I was in class I would have killed for an external battery charger. Say goodbye to hunting down outlets!

2. Book Toter // Well how cute are Hershel Supply Co. backpacks? Even if you’re wearing sweats and your boyfriend’s tshirt, you will be chic toting around this backpack!

3. Well Rested // I believe the key to having a good school day is waking up on a good note. If this typography pillow case won’t set your day off right then I don’t know what else will…

4. French Case // Your cool new pens need a cool Parisian place to call home.

5. But First, Coffee // I don’t know about you, but I need coffee in order to stay awake during class. Am I an addict? Maybe…..but this gold tumbler definitely makes me want to drink more caffeine!



  1. The urge to buy ALL the pencil cases I find is so strong. I should probably quit my job at Paper Source. It’s just making it worse. Anyway, love your blog and glad to have found it through

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