Light Up the Night


Happy Mondaze! First of all, I would like to thank my friend, sister and artist, Jennifer Nguyen, on taking the time to help me shoot these awesome photos! Her photography is super dope and I want everyone to go check out her photography page and LIKE it! She always puts 110% into her work and it really shows! You can find her at J Nguyen Photography || Instagram

Sometimes you gotta let loose and dance….DANCE A LOT. I love dancing at a rave concert, getting lost in the music and forgetting about reality for those short 3 hours. And now I can dance in style thanks to Electric Tonight and their LED Flower Crown! Check out their amazing product and enter CHRISSLEE at the checkout to receive 20% off  your purchase! You can find them at || Instagram || Facebook





Electric Tonight flower crown

H&M Top

PacSun plaid top

Forever21 shorts

Steve Madden booties

I have created a small playlist of some of my recent favorite songs. They’ll make you want to dance and jump around…trust me!



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