Boyfriends Are Allowed

Boyfriend on Make A GifI always stayed away from the boyfriend fit. But as of today, I am happy to say that boyfriends are allowed now! Took my chance on a $30 pair of American Eagle cropped boy fit and I actually love them. Being as short as I am, the crop doesn’t apply. Boo hoo, but I make it werk! My biggest concern for this style was my height, but I find that adding any heels to the look instantly takes the jeans from looking just oversized to being lazy chic. *thumbs up*

American Eagle top & denim
Rebecca Minkoff Mini tote (white version here)
And another classic piece I’ve added to my summer wardrobe is a white button up. This quarter sleeve or half sleeve? is the perfect length for Texas summer heat! Staying half cool while in the heat and staying half warm when I’m in the freezing buildings. Hope everyone has a good week! Keep posted for an upcoming summer DIY!
❤ Chrisslee


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