Back 2 School Series: Army Green

One of my favorite colors for the fall is army green! An easy way to dress for back to school is to go simple with shorts and a plain white tee. And for the days you want to dress it up more, add a button down top or vest like I do in my outfits below. I especially like to layer my clothes because the classrooms tend to be chilly. The longer I sit still, the colder I become. This is just my style for college, but adjust the outfit accordingly to your school regulations and the weather.
army green 1

army green 2

Flats are comfortable for walking around campus or school. However, another one of my favorite types of shoes to wear for school is boots with a 2inch heel. I love feeling taller, but if I wore heels my feet would die walking miles around campus. Opt for booties!

army green 3

army green 5

Outfit 1:Β { AE top & shorts, XXI tee, Target flats]

Outfit 2:Β {AE vest & shorts, XXI tee, Old TJ Maxx boots}



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