August Something Saturday

Blogging is the one thing right now that is keeping me sane and happy. Every time I post something it gives me a sense of accomplishment. It is a hobby, but if I could I would dedicate myself 100% to my blog. Right now, I try to take pictures every time I’m out and about. These photos were taken on Saturday when I went out for dinner with my siblings. I rediscovered this black button down from XXI and it reminds me a lot of a pajama shirt. It definitely feels like one. Can you tell I am on a black clothing kick? Who says I can’t wear dark colors in the summer time? -Chris

black and stripes

black and stripes 3

black and stripes 2

black and stripes 4

{XXI Top, AE shorts, TJ Maxx heels, RM Mini M.A.C}

black and stripes 6

My sister and brother frequent a cafe in downtown Houston called Empire Cafe, and I recently jumped on the bandwagon. I love the atmosphere and the FOOD! Their pastas and made-from-scratch pizzas are delicious! If you are a Houstonian this is a restaurant to try out!



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