D.I.Y Flower Crown

Flower Crown Feature

Happy Friday Everyone! I was inspired by all the Instagram photos of fashion gurus with their floral crowns! This is my simple version and it only cost me $8 unlike Urban Outfitter’s $20 crown.

Tools you will need:

Flower Crown tools


flower crown

A. I twisted the stem wire together to create a stronger hold.

B. Cut the fake daisies into smaller segments. This way it makes it easier to attach to the wire.

C. Then start wrapping the tape around the stem after you have placed the flower where you like to begin. A little tip: I found a halfway point and started taping the flowers in one direction.

D. Then keep wrapping.

flower crown 5

Then once you have finished one half, continue the other half with the flowers facing the opposite direction. Am I explaining this clearly? But after you finish the second half, you are DONE!

flower crown 6



    1. You should definitely try it! I agree! I love the size of the flowers but next time I’m going to try to make smaller ones like the renaissance festival! I always loved those flower crowns 🙂

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