DIY: A Golden Touch

Happy Hump Day everyone!

I’m here with a simple DIY! I love the color gold and I love flowers, especially sunflowers! So why not put them together. Yellow and gold are the perfect color combination, so my idea was to spray paint fake flowers gold to mix with sunflowers! The reason why I got fake flowers because it’s less maintenance. Plus, when you’re spray painting them over with gold paint, you won’t be able to see they are fake. So to start…

Tools you will need:

Gold Flower Items

Now let’s get started:

First you will need to take your bottle and masking tape and create the strip pattern you prefer. In my example, I wanted the concentration of the stripes to be at the bottom.

gold 2

Now spray away! **NOTE: I taped up more of the bottle where I didn’t want the spray paint to get to as you can see below.

gold 3

gold 6

I wore a glove to be extra careful because I didn’t want the paint to get all over my fingers.

gold 4

Andddddd here is the end result!

gold 5


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