Pairings: A Skirt with an Edge

Circle skirts are very versatile. I am wearing this UO skirt that has a leather at the hem. In my opinion, it gives it more of an edge. Here I have paired it with two tops that instantly transforms this skirt from being casual to a little more dressed up.

Outfit 1:



Here I just have a plaid button down that I’ve cut the sleeves off for a more rough look and tied it up to be a crop top. With this skirt it gives it a playful look. I also threw on sandals that completes this outfit! Ready for a day at the park!

Outfit 2:




And this second outfit is my version of dressed up. I love this maroon (deep red, oxblood, burgundy, whichever you prefer to call it) color. Add a small heel or any height instantly dresses up an outfit! This is something I’d wear to a dinner date and the movies afterwards.




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